Hierarchy of the Court

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Hierarchy of the Court

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Rankings in the Court of Myths

Royal Caste

- Adult members of the royal caste have the largest amount of say in the goings-on of the pack. This includes: the current Shah and Shahbanu, their selected adult heir, the Mehtar, and the one whom the Mehtar is betrothed to. Members of the Royal Family dye the tips of their tails purple to denote royal status.

  • Shah/Shahbanu {PxI} : The Shah and Shahbanu are the King and Queen of the Court, respectively. They hold the final say in anything the Court does, and their word is law. Typically, the pair holds their position until death, but will sometimes "retire" and allow their heir to rule in their stead.

  • Mehtar {PxII} : The Mehtar is the Crown Prince or Princess of the Court and their mate. They must be a blood relative of the Shah and Shahbanu, and are only given this rank upon adulthood, normally around four or five years of age. This is normally given to the eldest offspring, but can be granted to another under certain circumstances. While their word isn't quite as heavy as their father and mother's, they still hold a special place in the Court.

Advisor Caste

- The Advisor Caste is held by the three top ranks that a normal member of the Court can achieve through hard work; the head of the healers, the head of the craftsmen, and the head of the army. They are highly respected in the Court.

  • Havildar {PxSI} : The Havildar is the highest-ranking member of the military branch. He or she is in charge of keeping an eye on the training of the lower ranks in his or her branch, and organizing patrols and hunts. In times of war, he or she is the most important advisor to the royal family. Their tail is red, like the rest of their branch, and is a bright scarlet.

  • Dastur {PxHI} : The Dastur is the high priest of the Court, overseeing ceremonies for members, as well as supervising the training of lower ranked healers. They are known to be incredibly wise, and often sought for advice. Their tail is green, like the rest of their branch, and is the brightest green of the branch.

  • Ban {PxCI} : The Ban is the head Craftsman of the Court, a highly sought after artist that can create anything asked of them from paint, bone, or metal. They create armor, weapons, and trinkets for the royal caste and other high rankings, and can demand the best prices. Often oversee the training of less skilled craftsmen.

Military Branch

- The military branch, as a whole, is in charge of hunting, guarding, and fighting for the Court. Their signifying color is red, which they use to dye the tips of their tails.

  • Havildar {PxSI} : See above.*

  • Jemidar {PxSII} : A group of captains beneath the Havildar. There are three, to coincide with the three schools of military. They are in charge of training their own student, as well as making sure the smaller, day to day training for the branch is carried out. They are often asked to lead sessions for their respective school. This rank can have apprentices.

  • Durwan {PxSi} : These soldiers serve as guards, patrolling the territory and approaching suspicious parties. They are capable enough to lead their own patrols, but must alert and have the permission of a Jemidar-rank member or higher before they can do so. Allowed to have their own students at this rank.

  • Fida'i {PxSii} : These soldiers serve as scouts, assassins, and messengers. They are trusted enough to lead scouting parties, with permission from a Jemidar-ranked member or higher, and if asked by a member of the Advisor Caste or higher, assassinate an enemy. Allowed to have their own students at this rank.

  • Burkundaz {PxSiii} : These are regular soldiers of the Court, tasked with keeping themselves in top physical condition. They are meant to train and spar as often as possible. Allowed to have their own students at this rank.

  • Begari {PxS} : New students to the military branch, they are tasked with learning all they can about their branch. To promote, a Begari must have at least one lesson in each school of this branch, and have had four lessons added to that in the school of their choosing. They will apprentice themselves to a member of a higher rank, and will learn all they can from them.

Healer Branch

- The Healer branch is a peaceful, yet still vital, part of the Court. They are tasked with healing the sick and injured, preserving the history of our kind, and taking care of our young. Even though they don't fight, they are highly respected. Members of the Healer branch dye the tips of their tails green to signify their chosen profession.

  • Dastur {PxHI} : See above for details.*

  • Magus {PxHII} : A triad of Chamrosh beneath the Dastur, representing the three disciplines of the healing branch. Beneath the Dastur, they are the most accomplished of their ranks. They are tasked with overseeing the teachings and tasks of their disciplines, as well as completing the tasks themselves. They are able to take on a student at this rank.

  • Mobed {PxHi} : Members of the Mobed school are physical and emotional healers, tasked with keeping the Court healthy and vital for everyone. They dedicate their lives to learning all sorts of herbs and methods to accomplish this. After extensive training, they may be allowed to heal on the battlefield. Allowed their own student at this rank.

  • Duftery {PxHii} : Those Chamrosh in the Duftery are a sort of cross between the Healer class and the Craftsman class. The ones in this school are tasked with keeping the records of the Court alive, both recording the happenings on animal pelts, and keeping our history alive by telling stories. They are allowed to have students at this rank.

  • Khan {PxHiii} : The Khan are tasked with the well-being of the Court's young. They are given training by the Court's guards, in case of emergency, and specialize in the care of those that are too young to care for themselves. They're allowed to have students at this rank.

  • Dervish {PxH} : Dervish are the entry level rank for the healing class. They are tasked with learning the basics of their rank from older members, requiring one lesson from each school, as well as three more lessons in their chosen rank to promote. Not allowed students at this rank.

Craftsman Branch

- The Craftsmen are a varied bunch, with three different guilds, despite all being artists. They handle the armor, weapons, jewelry, dyes, scrolls, and money of the Court. All of these vital things are made by the guilds, so they're treated with respect despite their lack of fighting or healing knowledge. They dye the tips of their tails blue to show their profession.

  • Ban {PxCI} : See above for details.*

  • Defterdar {PxCII} : The Defterdar are the three "top" craftsmen in their respective guilds, one for each craft. They oversee the training of their respective guild members, and make sure that everything made is of the highest standard possible. They have an apprentice, who generally becomes a Defterdar after one retires or loses the spot.

  • Divan {PxCi} : The Divan handle the creation of hides and scrolls for the Duftery, skinning, scraping, and cleaning the hides from caught prey to remove hair and blemishes. They are also similar to blacksmiths, making the small coins that the Court uses for currency. They are allowed to have apprentices.

  • Darzi {PxCii} : Members of the Darzi guild use leather and metal to make armor and weapons for members of the army. They hone their craft around fire, and the best armor smiths are often highly respected and wealthy. May take apprentices.

  • Emblic {PxCiii} : The Emblic guild focuses on fire, dyes, and crafting. While the things they make aren't vital, they still make what makes the Court...itself. Jewelry, writing claws, and even the dyes that garnish the tails of our family, this is their duty. Are allowed to take apprentices.

  • Hircarrah {PxC} : Hircarrah are members of the Craftsmen branch that haven't decided on a guild yet. They are given a lesson in each guild, then they train for their chosen guild three more times. Since they are apprentices, they are not given apprentices themselves.

Other Ranks

- These ranks are an assortment of roles that don't fit into the other four branches. They're still vital, they just don't have a collective "group" or ranking tree to consider.

  • Khawaja {PxE} : Retired members of the guilds, these old timers have earned the right to rest and relax, sharing their gained wisdom with the Court. Retirement is available after 9 years of age or severe disability. Formerly had the tail color of their branches, their tail tips are now white.

  • Softa {Pxf} : Fletchlings of the Court. These are young Chamrosh that are younger than a year and a half of age, and therefore are too young to begin training. Since they have no place in one of the branches yet, they have plain, unadorned tails.

  • Mazdoor {Px} : A Punishment rank. Only criminals and traitors are disgraced with this rank, and if you earn it, you must earn the right to return to your guild, and work your way up from the bottom once more. Tails of the Mazdoor are coal black.
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