Rules of the Court

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Rules of the Court

Post by Ardashir PxRI on Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:24 am

Out of Character Rules

  • Respect the Staff: These members have their positions for a reason, and you need to listen to them if they tell you to do something.

  • Respect One Another: This being said, all of us are people, with lives and feelings that don't need to be hurt. Feel free to ramp up the character drama all you want, but out of character, please treat each other like the friends we're supposed to be.

  • Respect Other Players: Don't be a jerk out of character to a person who isn't in the Court either. They're people too, even if they annoy you. If they're bothering you, ask them to stop, and if they persist, block them.

  • No Territory Claiming: Out of Character, Eastern Pass doesn't belong to us. While you may confront (with permission from the rper and a staff member) another character in roleplay, I'd like to personally ask you not to get the group in trouble for claiming a public map.

  • Language: Honestly I don't care about this. Say what you want, within reason. Don't be a jerk about it, but unless it's racial or otherwise legitimately harmful, it's fine. This being said, if someone is uncomfortable and asks you to chill, tone it down some.

  • Content: This is going to be a PG13+ roleplay. Don't be disgusting, but some more adult themes are allowed.

Forum Rules

  • Username: Your username on the forums must be your character(s) name.

  • Avatars: Your Avatar can be whatever, as long as it's appropriate.

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