Welcome, New Members!

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Welcome, New Members!

Post by Ardashir PxRI on Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:33 am

Hello, and welcome to the Caravan Pari! As you know by now, we are a mapless group on Feral Heart that is comprised of a species of creature called a Chamrosh! Now what is a Chamrosh, you might ask?

I'm glad you did.

A Chamrosh is a creature from Persian mythology, sort of like a griffin, with the head, wings, and front talons of any kind of bird and the body of a dog. Simple enough, right?

The Caravan Pari is a kingdom/court of these creatures, who reside in the Eastern Pass map, off the side of the Grounds.

As a new member, I'd like you to get acquainted with the site. Follow the helpful links below to learn our rules, ways, and customs. After you've given these things a once over, you can head over to the application post to...well...apply for the group.

Since you're still pretty new to the group, I'd like to ask you to please choose some of the lower tier rankings, and with some dedication, you can work up to the next level!

Thanks so much, and if you have a question or concern, please feel free to PM me or a mod for more info!

Helpful Links

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